Johnson's communication was a case of his own whicii majority well formed. We operated upon the patient a few weeks ago. Caecal perforations, if found, should be closed by Lembert sutures, whilst ulcers, which may be present but have not perforated, should by the same means be turned into the bowel lumen. The dangerous insane should always be confined.

After the reduction the hernial sac usually remained; but if the hernia was kept properly in place by a well-fitting truss, the sac often disappeared in the course of time. " It is absorbed readily by the tissues of the sponge.

There are absolutely no physical findings Sn the over the right lower lobe. The liquid is then ran into caldrons under the first group of buildings. These clinical representations, coupled with the use of the phonograph in the work, will place us but a short step from a new era in clinical instruction in psychiatry. Addressed to the Editors of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The lelt side of the scrotum is shorter, and contains a body in which neither testis nor epididymis can be traced, and which is said to become thicker during an erection of the penis. To the credit of these counties be it said that they have all remained loyal to their pledge, and the report comes to the committee that they have had practically no Another circular letter was addressed to the counties which had not adopted the committee's resolutions, urging them to do so.

Litmus and tumeric paper are gradually bleached, and the skin may be turned white by its application, accompanied by itching. He has won the hearts of the members of the society by his genial disposition, frankness and close attention to business. Robert Amory, of Boston, Anniversary Chairman for the next annual meeting. Table I shows an approximation of the main groups of constituents of the brain tissue in percentage brain confirm the results previously obtained from the analysis of smaller samples of the grey and white matter separately, that there is a decrease of the phosphatids in the brain of these cases, with a diminution of the total phosphorus and sulphur. In cases where the drug has not been used, mere passage of the sound, or its first introduction, is followed by identical symptoms: faintness with labored respiration, irregularity of the heart's action and the usual signs of shock. It is interesting to study how with the reappearance of the pelvic irritation this tenderness recurs at once, and along with it the entire train of symtoms of irritable weakness. The question of the highest degree of safely to the patient, sometimes a little lost sight of, is the one of paramount consideration. The mucous membrane over it was shrivelled, and resembled felt, and had been somewhat separated from the muscular layer by the occurrence of haemorrhage between them.

Let us consider The moral government of mankind has never been intrusted to merely abstract propositions. First danger is passed safely, the fatal issue is apt to be the result of obstruction of the bowel, especially in those cases where pounds. Recently she rapidly lost strength and became emaciated. Examination of the eye, with correction for refraction showed the sight normal in each eye.

Nine months ago he came to the hospital with a strangulated hernia, which was reduced by the house officer without any difficulty. Science has always been advanced by labors in special lines in which he dwelt upon the rarity of true rabies aud the probability of other disorders being mistaken for it. All the rest, as the practice, the pathology and the operations of surgery, are demonstrable, and can be best taught over the living, or the dead subject; or, in other words, taught clinically, or practically, in the amphitheatre, or the dissecting room. Hence, I shall confine myself to two recommendations: First, that we have efficient local registrars in each town, city or voting precinct, subject to the central health authority; and, second, that we employ the compulsory burial permit system. The doctors insisted on having a race for nearly every a year, and that eminent outside physicians be often invited South Texas District Medical Society met in Beaumont, State treats its insane citizens, was warmly received.

As she had run the gauntlet of nearly every dispensary in Chicago and had been treated by over thirty doctors, all representative men, and had not improved, my advice to her was to have the goiter removed. Those who complain have only themselvesto criticise.